“I came to Neil Martin a few years back for a few reasons: to get rid of a few terrible drumming habits and to gain some much healthier ones.

Within just a few lessons of brilliant exercises and fresh approaches, I was twice as confident in any new playing situation. Musicians around me mentioned things like how much fresher my ideas sounded. Everything improved: time, groove, dynamics, technique and musicality. 

One key thing I’d like to throw in: Neil's approach to teaching felt unique to me, as he gave me a set of tools to use, create, develop and apply myself in just about any context; that more than justifies any cost to me as an independent musician!"

— Tim Heymerdinger

"Having studied with Neil over a couple years and across several mediums, I can only describe it as being an absolute blast.

His extensive knowledge and vast experience across a wide range of subjects have proven to be invaluable, and has helped me countless times across many different musical situations.

I highly advise anyone looking to improve their playing or mindset to give him a call and experience the wealth of Neil’s educational prowess first hand!”

— Ed Owen